Dickson English also offer services for your English language needs. If you need a friendly, non-judgmental native speaker to help with copy editing your manuscript, providing feedback on a presentation (in person or remotely using video or audio files) or any other project where the input of a professional English teacher would be useful.

Just contact us and we can discuss your particular needs with no obligation.


Dickson English offer friendly, non-judgmental copy-editing services for your business or personal project. We can work on projects of any size - from a single letter to an entire novel!

Native speakers and speakers of English as a second language can both benefit from having a professional English teacher review your work. If you're interested in avoiding embarrassing mistakes and ensuring clear and correct English usage in your project, then Dickson English can help.

Craig Dickson is a professional English teacher in Berlin, Germany, and his writing has been published in The Scotsman, The List and Towards Data Science, among other places.

Help with Presentations

Are you preparing for a presentation in English? Do you want to feel confident and well-prepared? We can provide targeted, useful feedback on your slides to make sure they are clear and use correct, professional English. We can watch video or listen to audio of your preparation and provide corrections and tips on pronunciation, clarity and style.

Other Projects

We can provide assistance with anything else that you're working on which could benefit from help from a professional, native-speaking English teacher. If you want to make sure your English is clear and correct, then contact us to discuss your project.